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A high coverage, long lasting concealer that remains crease-free while erasing the appearance of dark circles and imperfections.

Last & Found[ation] Concealer

    • Step 1. Take a pea sized amount of LAST & FOUND[ATION] CONCEALER onto your finger, makeup applicator, or directly onto the target area. We recommend using a damp WUNDERBLEND sponge.
    • Step 2. Blend evenly into the target area.
    • Step 3. Feel confident that any blemishes, imperfections, discoloration or underneath the eye area are covered and crease-free all day.

    This high-coverage liquid formula hides dark circles & imperfections all day and remains comfortable & crease free on skin. It’s long-lasting, water resistant and smudge proof all day long. It can also be used to contour and illuminate while leaving the skin looking flawless.

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