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😳😳 P-L-E-A-S-E BFF's! It’s just N-O-T worth it!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

❌❌ PLEASE READ‼️ DON’T CUT YOUR CUTICLES‼️ At least… not yourselves! ❌️❌️

I’ve received numerous questions on cuticles, mainly because the photographs posted on our page are compared with the "flawless" cuticles like the ones you might have seen on (especially) Instagram and our social hang-out spot, Pinterest.

The quick answer: in those pics, the cuticles were probably cut into oblivion and a little photographic magic applied for further enhancement.

I refuse to cut a cuticle to ruins. FULL STOP. It is looking for trouble, just pleeeeaaase take my word for it. No professional should cut your cuticles into pulp to get a good social media pic. I believe it is selfish and irresponsible. The worst of it is that your mani might look amazing for maybe three days, then the proximal nail fold or the base of your nail (the part that remains after over-cutting) start to crack or worse, tear if not HEAVILY maintained and properly moisturised and that’s where the paw-paw hits the fan.

When we take out the cuticle cutter at CHILLA\V, we use it with UTMOST caution and ONLY to cut away CLEARLY dead cuticle skin… like in extremely overdone-TOASTED-dead cuticle skin!

See the pic... yeah… the one with the puss exploding from the lateral nail fold (side of the finger)… that is what an infected “cuticle” looks like. It’s also known as Paronychia.

Paronychia is a nail infection that is an often tender bacterial or fungal infection of the hand or foot, where the nail and skin meet at the side or the base of a finger or toenail.

It is PAINFUL and treatment is lengthy, and while you have it – NO nail enhancements for you dear BFF.

Your cuticles are part of your skin. They sit atop your nails’ growth matrix, which is the part of your nails that grows. Cuticles are there for a reason, like a barrier or a protection for the nail matrix.

Cuticles serves an important purpose, which is to protect you from infection. Otherwise it’s a point of entry. And when it’s sliced open, because you or an overzealous tech overdoes it, the flood gates are immediately opened for bacteria and fungus to get inside and infect you.

With all the hand washing and sanitizing, your cuticles will be the first to suffer. But I promise, IF you take care of your cuticles, especially now, and we work our magic when you come for your enhancement or mani – your cuticles will look just fine and remain intact to protect your nails from a whole lot of nasties!

DON’T CUT ‘EM… rather CARE for them.

You can easily do that with two simple steps:

Every other day, when you get out of the shower or bath, GENTLY push back on your cuticles (hands and feet). Please don’t overexert. Once done, rub in a little cuticle oil and properly moisturise your hands. That’s it! And, with all the hand washing and sanitizing… MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISURISE!

#Chillove Chilla-BFF’s! 💛💛

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