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The load-down on tanning!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Well, think about it for mo, what options do we have available to us when it comes to getting our tan on. That "every-one wants it", healthy looking summer tan?

I guess the easiest would be from the source of UV, good 'ol Mr. Sun, but because the sun is an obviously unpredictable, uncontrolled source, you will never really know when enough is enough. Moreover, not everyone's skin tans well in the sun. Some of us look like plump tomatoes after 10 minutes of exposure. And never-mind all of this, do we really want to risk the UV exposure (and sweating our socks off) trying to achieve a proper tan in RSA heat!

We have sunbeds. Still a better option opposed to the sun when trying to achieve that saucy, glowing look. In my experience (and trust me, I had one in my salon), tanning in a sunbed requires dedication. At least 20 minutes of your day for at least 10 days to achieve a proper tanned look. In addition to this, I guess timing in when to tan is everything, because who wants to return to the office smelling all sweaty. But the worst, in my opinion, is that your tan will look gorgeous for about 10 - 14 days without any additional maintenance sessions. In other words, you need to keep up your sessions to maintain your tan.

And I'm yet to be "comfortable" with injections (that you're allowed to do yourself), patches, pills and nasal sprays to enhance whatever form of UV tanning you choose!

Then, I guess you're left with OTC self-tanners and spray-tan.

Look OTC self-tanners are awesome if that's the only option you have, and if you take care in the application thereof, it is a great alternative.

However, after looking into tanning options, the best we could find was a professional spray-tan... or did I miss another option here?

Spray-tan is quick, effective and really does give you that pretty awesome g-l-o-w that shouts s-u-m-m-e-r!

The very short version of what spray tan is:

Spray tanning is a form of self-tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body. This mist has an ingredient in it called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that interacts with your own skin's chemistry to turn it tan, or bronze.

When applied, dihydroxyacetone reacts with dead cells in the skin's surface (uppermost) layer to temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan.

How long will I look like a beach babe?

It’s not an exact science and everyone’s skin reacts differently. Depending on your prep and aftercare, you tan can last anything from 7 to 10 days. In other words, you loose about 4 days as apposed to sunbed tanning, and it took you roughly 2 hrs and 45 minutes less to achieve.

If you consider a spray tan, there are a couple of VERY IMPORTANT preparation and after care instruction to ensure your tan lasts, continues to look amazing and fade gradually.


We actually recommend that you wax the areas you usually shave.

Waxing lasts longer than shaving and shaving is spray tanning's’ public enemy number 1. It is super easy to remove dead skin cells when you shave.

Ever had a wax after you achieved your gorgeous sunbed tan, and noticed what happened to you golden brown look?

Therefore, to prolong your tan, no shaving or very light shaving is a must.

If you’re not a fan of waxing, we recommend that you properly shave at least 12 hours prior to your spray-tan appointment.

For waxing we recommend 24-48 hours prior to your spray tan.

If shaving will be part of your after care, please only shave when absolutely necessary while you have your tan and when you shave, do so extremely gently.


You need to exfoliate your entire body at least 12 hours prior to your spray tan appointment to remove dead skin cells. This is so-so important.

Many spray tan manufacturers have their own brand of exfoliator, which we recommend you use. However, if you will not be using the spray tan brand exfoliator, please use a fine exfoliator or exfoliation mitt.

Please ensure that you focus on your entire body, which includes areas such as your hands, feet and face.


After your shave and exfoliation routine, please intensively moisturise.

Again, if you will not be using a spray tan brand moisturiser, please use a thick moisturiser that includes cocoa or shea butter.

Intensively re-moisturise the morning of your appointment.


We recommend that you receive your application after your physically-intensive actives for the day.

PRO-TIP: Make your appointment after your work-day. That way, you can sleep whilst the tan is developing.

You will have to leave your application on to develop (phase one) for at least 6 hours, however 8 hours is recommended.

In this time, you cannot come into contact with water as this will cause blotches or streaks.

If you have to do the dishes or bathe the little ones, please wear plastic gloves (or call it a night off ;)

After your spray tan, you will have to dress in very loose, dark clothing (preferable something on the older side of your closet J) as the product might stain your clothing.

Please, no tight fitting clothing. Tight fitting clothing will cause friction and rub off the product.

Also, no gym’íng after your received your application (ooohhh goodie, yet more off-time). Sweat is just as bad a water.

You can decide your level of comfort when it comes to undressing for your spray tan. You can either tan in a bikini or your tanning salon's in-house disposables. Old (dark) lingerie is also fine. Or you can tan as bare as the day you came into this world ;)

It will be required that you remove any moisturiser, deodorant and make-up prior to your spray-tan.

CHILLA\V has a shower available if you prefer to dash-off everything prior to your tan. However, it will have to be a very short, lukewarm shower. A too hot shower will cause your pores to open, which will then absorb the product more than intended, leaving blotches.

The spray tan takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Once the product settled and is dry enough, you may dress.


The better you look after your tan (to the best of your ability), the longer it will last, look flawless and fade gradually.

After the 8 hours development time, you may rinse the product from your skin. Please ensure that your first shower is short and sweet, lukewarm to warm and avoid washing your body with anything but water.

Even after you have showered, phase two of the product will commence development, deepening your tan.

Going forward, showering over bathing is recommended. Soaking in water is absolutely not recommended, since this will soften and loosen the uppermost layer of tanned skin and you will lose the tan quicker than you received it.

Please keep your showers short (or at least as short as possible).

PRO TIP: If you like to take your time in the shower, consider not standing under the shower-head the entire time. Move away from the water when you are not actively using it to rinse.

When you shower, please do not set the temperature piping hot. We’re not saying shower cold, but please keep the temperature at a comfortable level, just above lukewarm.

Do not scrub your skin with loofahs or sponges or even face cloths. Use only your hands when washing yourself and keep to a paraben free soap and use it sparingly.

When washing your hair, rinse it so that the shampoo / conditioner does not accumulate or run over your skin as you rinse. Rather bend over to let the shampoo / conditioner run directly onto the shower floor.

Once you finished showering, please PAT yourself dry. Again, scrubbing your skin with a towel is just as bad as a washcloth in the shower. Keep in mind that your skin has now absorbed moisture and any scrubbing will prematurely loosen your top layer of skin.


Please, please, please thoroughly moisturise intensively after your shower. We actually recommend that you moisturise twice a day. This is such an important step in prolonging your tan.

Again, stick to a product that contains cocoa or shea butter.

PRO TIP: Instead of applying underarm deodorant every day, consider a product called Riemann Perspirex. It is available from any Dischem / Clicks, and applying the product 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment (or prior to your wax, if you prefer). Please apply the product as instructed. The product will seal the sweat glands under the arms, preventing excessive sweating. You will then only need to apply the minimum underarm deodorant whilst you have your tan.

Take care when applying your perfume. Perfume contains alcohol and oils, which might affect your tan. Therefore, when applying, take it easy… a little goes a long way!

PRO TIP: We recommend a take-home gradual tanner to prolong your tan. We recommend applying this product on your entire body every second day after the first 48 hours of your spray tan. This will certainly stretch your tan, and have it remain gorgeous throughout its duration.

Well, there's it (sorry Suzelle, but it's just so darn lekker to say).

CHILLA\V has commissioned The Tan Lab spray tan and retail line in our salon.

We chose The Tan Lab because their products contains the highest quality eco-certified ingredients. They do not test on animals the their products are vegan friendly.

You can check out some reviews here:

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